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 Close your eyes and imagine this: you’re at the beach and you feel the warmth of the sun slowly tan your skin while feeling the gentle strokes of the ocean’s breeze cool you. You hear the sound of waves crashing, the rustling of palm trees and the melodic sound of birds chirping in the distance. And then you smell the best thing in the world - you smell the therapeutic scent of salt water. Now open your eyes. That is what Salt Swim is all about.


Salt Swim was created by a Manila-based Cebuana who wanted to share this experience and her genuine love for the ocean with those who share her passion. She wanted to be involved in something that fueled her passions and was close to her heart. 
Designed by an ocean lover for fellow ocean lovers, our swimsuits are locally sourced and made that are meant to be trendy yet timeless at the same time. Salt Swim’s suits are made to enhance the experience of every island girl’s adventures from sunrise to sunset that is why quality and comfort is integrated into our standards. 
It is Salt Swim’s ultimate goal to give you an experience - in our products, in our service and in our lifestyle. With our famous tag line, "STAY SALTY” we share our immense love for the beach through our swimsuits and we also encourage everyone to never stop falling in love with the ocean.